Asst. Prof. Miri Barak_2013My professional career started as a Food and Biotechnology Engineer, working in a food factory. Although I enjoyed my work in the R&D department, I looked for a profession that will allow me to express my interest in people rather than machines. While working as a volunteer in a peripheral middle school, I found education a fascinating and challenging area for professional change and research.

My second and third degrees were conducted at theĀ Faculty of Education in Science and technology, focusing on the design, development, and evaluation of advanced technologies for the enhancement of meaningful learning, in the context of science education.

My post-doctoral study was conducted at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), as the assessment coordinator of Studio 1.00 project. Today, I am an Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Education in Science and technology, Head of the Science and Learning Technologies Group. Click here for my articles and citations in Google Scholar.

You are welcome to contact me at: bmiriam@technion.ac.il

Watch my lecture (in Hebrew) about Cloud Technologies and 21st Century skills: